Global accountancy institute is a world leading professional membership organisation that encourages, develops and promotes chartered accountants and students worldwide. We provide qualifications and professional development, share our knowledge, competencies, technical expertise, and protect the quality and integrity of the accountancy and finance profession.

GAI's vision is to prepare members for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, loyalty and compassion.

The Institute's mission is to provide all accountancy students around the world with superior education so that they may achieve their full human potential.



GAI’s commitment to members includes the delivery of high quality continual professional development and education pathways , ensuring they maintain currency of knowledge and relevance in an ever-changing and competitive market . This is regulated by a range of communications including our online technical support platform .

We are committed to empowering our members to strengthen on-the-job skills , better manage companies , and accelerate careers . We invite our members to discover the opportunities within the profession and build an actionable future in management

accounting .

Let’s not forget that the aim of Global accountancy institute is to increase wealth and well-being . But it isn’t enough to say that we are committed to doing so . We need to establish that commitment by putting members first .

When we lead with integrity and transparency , clients will have confidence in us to guide their career choices . Not only will we have reclaimed confidence in our profession , we will recover our purpose , and society as a whole will benefit .



We are passionate about our work. Your success is our success. Our goal is to help you get qualified and take you to the next level. As your needs evolve, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services to achieve those goals as well.

When you join us you become a member of this Prestigious Organisation. Your membership signifies that you’re serious about your accountancy career and your professional development.

 It highlights this dedication to accountancy bodies, employers, colleagues and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market. It also provides you with access to valuable knowledge; networks and resources that help you improve and advance. 

A career in accountancy is a great choice and can offer you excellent job prospects. We believe that an accounting education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.  It's a contribution that lasts a lifetime in the form of learning, opportunity and success.




 •       We'll help you get qualified

•        We have Powerful Virtual Learning Campus around the Globe

•        Knowledgeable Lecturers

•        Global Live Online Classes - not just pre-recorded

•        Printable Electronic Course Materials

•        Ability to create your Own Study Groups

At Global Accountancy Institute Inc. we will challenge you to be the best you can be.