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Let us stop it!! Stop paying for ACCA Examination and fail..

Let us stop it!! Stop paying for ACCA Examination and fail..

More than 40,000 students from China; Ghana; Ireland; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Malaysia; Mauritius; Nepal; Nigeria; Romania; Uganda; UK; Vietnam; Zambia and Zimbabwe took the opportunity to sit 51,069 ACCA examinations during September 2015 and here is the result:

September 2015 session ACCA Qualification pass rates:

F5 – Performance Management 39%

F6 – Taxation 47%

F7 – Financial Reporting 44%

F8 – Audit and Assurance 42%

F9 – Financial Management 35%

P1 – Governance, Risk and Ethics 48%

P2 – Corporate Reporting 44%

P3 – Business Analysis 45%

P4 – Advanced Financial Management 36%

P5 – Advanced Performance Management 30%

P6 – Advanced Taxation 45%

P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance 29%

From the above, more than 50% of the students from those 15 countries fail their examinations.
Let us stop it!! Stop paying for ACCA Examination and fail. There is no luck in these examinations. Don't pay for any examination unless you are ready.
At Global Accountancy Institute Inc our ACCA Level 1 students have to get an average of 75% in Global ACCA Mock Examination Series(GAMES) before we allow them to sit their examinations. This system allow the college to have a near perfect pass rate.

Today is the standard deadline for ACCA Examinations. However you have until, November 2, 2015 for late entry.

ACCA Students, if you know you are not ready and you will not find the time to focus and study during the next three weeks- DON'T PAY FOR THE EXAMINATION.

I find it quite astounding how ACCA Students continue to bake the same old cake using the same old defective recipe in the game of life. They hope, pray and yearn for success, but are confronted with repeated disastrous outcomes every time.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results