Global Accountancy Institute Inc, is an Independent Global Online Tuition Provider which provides Educational Support Services to enhance the academic experiences of Accountancy Students who are studying for Professional Accountancy Qualifications including: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA),Foundations in Accountancy(FIA),Certified Accounting Technician(CAT),Certified Public Accountant (CPA),Certified Management Accountant(CMA),Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA), Certified Internal Auditor(CIA) and  Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA)

Global Accountancy Institute(GAI) has been actively advancing the use of  Predictive Analytics(Big data) in preparing students for Professional Accountancy Examinations.
Predictive analytics is the branch of the advanced analytics which is used to make predictions about unknown future events(For example what are the most likely topics and questions style to be tested in an examination window).
Starting 2018 ,Global Accountancy Institute(GAI) will be using many techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze current  pass paper questions and other data to make predictions about future Examinations.
In light of this we want to be 100% Independent of all External Examination Administration and hence we have signed a 
Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) with the Overseas Examination Commission(OEC) in Jamaica to host our members for Computer Based Examination  for ACCA, FIA, CAT and CIMA.

The OEC is a body authorized to administer the ACCA examinations.

Computer-based exams (CBEs) are available for the first seven Foundation-level exams. These are the exams required for the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (FA1, MA1); the Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (FA2, MA2); and the Diploma in Accounting and Business (FAB, FMA and FFA). These exams are also required for the Certified Accounting Technician qualification. 

CBEs are also available for the ACCA Knowledge module exams (F1, F2 and F3) and F4  English and F4 Global variants of the ACCA Qualification.
Our Next Computer Based Examination(CBE) Dates are as follows:

Members are required to pay all fees at least ten(10)  clear days before the actual Examination. This give us the ability to put you in a ten(10) day revision program to increase your chance of passing the examination.


The CBE Exams Fees at Global Accountancy Institute Inc.(Global) for Examinations in 2017-18 are as follows:

  • FA1 Recording Financial Transactions-  Cost- US$91.00
  • MA1 Management Information -Cost -US$91.00
  • FA2 Maintaining Financial Records - Cost-US$91.00
  • MA2 Managing Costs and Finance - Cost -US$91.00
  • FAB Accountant in Business -Cost -US$118.00
  • FMA Management Accounting - Cost -US$118.00
  • FFA Financial Accounting - Cost -US$118.00
  • ACCA F1  Accountant in Business - Cost -US$118.00
  • ACCA F2/FMA Management Accounting - Cost-US$118.00
  • ACCA F3/FFA Financial Accounting - Cost -US$118.00
  • ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law - Cost US$139.00


When you book your examination with us you will also received the following:

  •  Fifteen(15) Sets of Global Vetting Mock Examinations- Mock #1 to Mock #15
  • Three(3) Sets of ACCA Practise Test
  • Global Mock Examination Report with recommendations
  • Global  Authorisation To Sit Number(GATSN)

  • Flexibility - You are not restricted to June and December paper-based exam sessions as you can sit CBEs at any time of year. CBEs also offer flexibility for re-sits, which you can take at any time. There is no restriction on the number of times you can re-sit the exams by CBE.
  • Instant results - Your result is displayed on the computer screen at the end of the exam.
  • Results - Your results are uploaded by the licensed centre and will be transferred to your ACCA account within 72 hours.
  • Find a CBE centre offering the exam(s) you wish to sit.  IN THIS CASE GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY INSTITUTE INC.
  • You will need to pay GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY INSTITUTE INC. for the exams you wish to sit.
  • Prior to the exam,GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY INSTITUTE INC. will set up time-restricted access to the exams. (The exam must be sat on the scheduled date and time).
  • On the day of the exam, your identity will be checked by the invigilator, further validity and eligibility checks are carried out, and then the invigilator instructions will be read out.
  • You are then asked to start the exam software and input validation details into the software. This will further check your identity and eligibility to sit the exams.
  • Instruction screens will be displayed and you may then start the exam when advised to do so by the invigilator.
  • Once the exam is started, the questions are displayed on screen and the answers are input directly onto the CBE software.
  • On completion of the exam, the final percentage score is calculated and displayed on screen.
  • You will be asked to print two copies of the Provisional Result Notification; one copy is retained byGLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY INSTITUTE INC. and the other is for your records.

GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY INSTITUTE INC WILL  upload the results to the CBE system and these will be transferred to your records with ACCA within 72 hours.




 Last Update: September 28, 2017